Selected Exhibitions

09.21.18- Solo Exhibition. Encontros da Imagem, Visual Arts Festival Braga, Portugal
06.06.18- Athens Photography Festival, main program, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.
06.20.18- LUMIX Festival for young photojournalism, Hanover, Germany.
10.18.16- Visura Presents, Foley Gallery, Manhattan, NY.
10.01.15- “Diffusion,” Cardiff International Festival of Photography, Cardiff, Wales.
06.26.15- “Lineage #2,” Laatikkomo Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland.
06.06.15- “Emerging,” Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA.
06.03.15- “Reframing Memory,” Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.
12.12.14-  Solo exhibition, “Front Page, Above the Fold,” Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
11.20.14 - "White Shadows," Front Page, Above the Fold,
Galeria Qahili, Prishtina, Kosovo.
07.04.14- “Appetite: The Culture of Food,” Air Circulation gallery. New York, NY.
06.12.14- "Our Portraits, Our Families," Asian Pride Project, Museum of Chinese in America, NY.
11.30.13- “5X5 REAL UN REAL”, Heaven’s Gain, Installation, One Art Space, New York, NY.
09.19.13- Heaven’s Gain, Photoville Festival, New York, NY.
03.15.13- “Out of Darkness Comes Light.” Only This Life. The Project Room. Chicago, IL.
01.23.13- “Images and Issues.” When the Spirit Moves. 25 CPW Gallery. New York City.
01.17.13- “Eyes on the World.” When the Spirit Moves. Bermuda National Gallery. Bermuda.
12.23.12- “5x5.” The Museum de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Venezeula.
11.02.12- “Winter in America.” When the Spirit Moves. Third Floor Gallery. London, England.
10.20.12- The Flash Forward, Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre, Boston, MA.
10.05.12-  Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF). Only This Life. Singapore.
06.07.12- The Flash Forward, The Flash Forward Festival, Boston, MA.
05.31.12- “FotoVisura.” The Spirit Moves. United Photo Industries Gallery, Dumbo, Brooklyn.
04.08.12- “Collective Retrospective.” LOOK3 Festival. Community Event. Charlottesville, VA.
01.10.12- “Plastic Camera Show.” Moments Between. Rayko Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
06.23.11- “The Private Eye.” Only This Life. Fotopub Festival. Novo Mesto, Slovenia.
05.15.11- “In Love and War.” Only This Life. New York Photo Festival. FotoVisura Presents.
05.08.11- “Out of Mind.” Only This Life. Lodz Fotofestiwal. Main program, Poland.
03.04.11- “Plastic Camera Show.” When the Spirit Moves. Rayko Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
12.17.10- “Kodachrome Portfolio Show.” Only This Life. Rayko Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
09.21.10- “Children – the Present of the Future.” UNICEF. Cologne, Germany.
04.02.09- “As We See it.” Exposure Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
04.01.09- “PDN’s Emerging 30”. Month of Photography. Los Angeles, CA.
01.30.09- “Freedom.” Chobi Mela V. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
06.20.08- “7 Stories.” Maison Des Arts Gallery. Hanoi, Vietnam.
08.28.07- “Katrina New Orleans.” One year after. UC Berkeley, CA.
04.16.06- “El Otro Lado, Portrait of a Sonora Border Town.” Space Gallery. San Francisco, CA.


11.23.13- When the Spirit Moves, Ankor Photo Festival, Ankor, Cambodia.
09.27.13- Only This Life, Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India.
05.04.13- When the Spirit Moves, Voices Off Arles, Paris.
08.15.11- “On The Road.” Moments Between. Bursa Photofestival. Bursa, Turkey.
08.01.10- Istanbul Photography Days Festival. When the Spirit Moves.
06.01.10- LOOK In between Festival. When the Spirit Moves.

Artist Talks/ Workshops

2014: Artist Talk and 4-Day workshop: Reminders Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan.
2014: Artist Talk: The Eye International Photography Festival, Wales, UK.
2014: Artist Talk: Project Basho Onward Summit, Philadelphia, PA.
2014- Artist Talk: CUNY Graduate School of Journalism- Photojournalism Panel.
2014: Two 4-day workshops: Emaho Magazine Sponsored, Kolkata and Delhi, India.
2013- Artist Talk, Panel Discussion on Gun Violence: Photoville Festival, New York, NY.
2013- Workshop, Artist Talk: Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2013- Workshop, Artist Talk: University of the North West, Potchefstroom, South Africa.
2013- Workshop, Artist Talk: Pretoria Press Club, Pretoria, South Africa.
2013- Artist Talk, Portfolio Review: Market School of Photography, Johannesburg, South Africa
2013- Master class, Artist Talk: Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking, Johannesburg, South Africa
2013- Workshop, Artist Talk: University of Pretoria, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2013- Workshop, Artist Talk: Tshwane University of Technology, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2013- Two-day workshop, Artist Talk: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town South Africa.
2013- Artist Talk: COSAT High School, Khayelitsha Township, South Africa.
2013- Two days of Artist Talks: Rhodes University, Highway African Conference, Grahamstown, South Africa
2013- Artist Talk: The Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2013- Artist Talk: 25CPW Gallery, New York, NY
2013- Artist Talk: Bermuda National Gallery
2012- Artist Talk: The Musuem de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Venezeula
2012- Artist Talk: Momenta Workshop Keynote Speaker, DC
2012- Instructor: Momenta Workshop, DC.
2012- Artist Talk: School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
2011- Artist Talk: The New York Photo Festival, NY
2011- Artist Talk: New York Film Academy, NY
2009- Artist Talk: Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009- Artist Talk: Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA